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Charm bracelet

"...Inside is a small black velvet purse. I untie the tasselled threads, open the mouth, and a heavy golden bracelet falls into my hand, laden with about two hundred little charms, each one a different shape. I see a ship, a horse, a star, a spoon, a whip, a hawk, a spur..." ~~ The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory.

This passage was the inspiration behind this charm bracelet. As soon as I read it, i wanted one like it but I couldn't find anything that remotely matched the description, so I decided to make it myself.
Instead of gold, this bracelet has a silver plated chain and each charm is either silver plated or Tibetan silver.

Each bracelet is unique and holds between 25 and 40 charms depending on the length of the bracelet.

You also have the option of specifying a particular charm as listed below.
If you wish to have more than one of the charms from the list available, please let me know and i will accommodate you.

•Standard size of the bracelet will be 7.5" and holds approximately 30 charms but i can make it bigger or smaller if required

Due to these all being made to order please leave a week for your order to be made before posting. UK orders will be sent first class and all other destinations will be standard class.

**Picture shown is my own personal bracelet and us just to give you an idea of what to expect.**


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